Reaper's Ghost Sauce 150ml

Product Code: REA51K4B6


Caution Extreme Heat. Consume with care!

This sauce is made with an unique processing/puree method, with the chillies being triple pressed. This removes the junk, leaving only the hottest part of the  membrane plus all of the capsaicin that’s extracted from the fruit and seed.  Each bottle is more than 50% pure chilli puree, no added water or vinegar.  This is why this sauce is hotter than any other non-extract sauce out there...  and without that chemical extract flavour.

Ingredients: Carolina Reaper Chilli, Birdseye Chilli, Fruit, Vinegar, Salt, Citric Acid, Australian Bush Spices and Herbs. All natural ingredients.

Heat Level: Extreme (1.5 Million Scoville Units)

Made in Australia